The Ceremony

Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg, CERTIFIED MOHEL
The Bris ceremony  is a very special occasion and is accompanied by much happiness and rejoicing. The ceremony may be held at home, in a synagogue, or at a catering hall. A couple enters with the baby, and the baby is placed on a chair designated as the Chair of Elijah. The baby is then placed upon the lap of the Sandek, most often a grandfather, who holds the baby during the actual circumcision. After the appropriate blessing is recited, the circumcision is performed by the mohel. Immediately following the Bris, another blessing is said over a cup of wine, and the baby receives his Hebrew name, which he will proudly carry throughout his life. The newborn child is often named after a departed relative, a symbolic source of life to those no longer with us. The ceremony ends with resounding Mazel Tov wishes, followed by the serving of a festive light meal or refreshments.

Several honors are given during the ceremony, usually bestowed upon the relatives and close friends of the baby's family.
The couple who carry the baby in.
Kisei Shel Eliyahu
The person who places the baby on the 
designated for Elijah the Prophet.
The person who holds the baby during the 
  Bris ceremony.
Sandek Me'umad
The person who holds the baby during the 
blessings and naming. This can be split two 
Brachos, Krias Ha'shem
The person who recites the blessings and
names the baby. This can be split into two
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