Bris Milah

Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg, CERTIFIED MOHEL
Bris Milah, ritual circumcision, is one of the most fundamental precepts of the Jewish religion. It is referred to in the Torah as The Covenant of Abraham, since our forefather Abraham was the first to receive the commandment concerning circumcision from G-d.

“And he that is eight days old shall be
circumcised among you, every male
throughout your generations...”
                                                    (Genesis 17:12)

More than any other Jewish ritualBris Milah is an expression of Jewish identity. Its fulfillment symbolizes an affirmation of faith in Abraham's ancient, and still vibrant, covenant with G-d. Through circumcision, parents create yet another link in the continuing chain of our People that has proudly survived the challenges to its physical and spiritual existence over thousands of years.

A Bris Milah  performed according to Jewish tradition is a wonderful beginning for a newborn child. It is a memorable experience, replete with significance and meaning for all those involved. It is the first of many milestones and happy occasions to be joyously celebrated during the child's life, as he grows to be a source of Nachas and satisfaction to all.
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